• "One of the most important things I ever did for my son was to bring him to your office. You and your staff have been wonderful in many ways. Billy's transformation was amazing and definitely life-changing. A miracle. Thank you for giving him a movie star smile!"

    - Anne M.

  • "Thank you for making my experience at your office so remarkable and exceptionally comfortable. I have been contemplating Invisalign for almost four years, and I have been seen by quite a few offices in consult. For me, it has been four years of dreaming and holding onto saved money to find the right office and time for Invisalign. Your modern, unique, and perfectly informative website and online coupon were the determining factors for choosing your office. I was welcomed with beautiful smiles and the kindest sincerity for accommodations, as there was a minor hiccup with my appointment. Your team cares, and it shows. I cannot begin to tell you what this means to me or tell you the volume of excitement I feel. I can’t wait to have my perfect smile!"

    - Ariel F

  • "Thank you so much for recognizing Joshua's sinus problems. We have been seeing allergists his whole life and no one ever told us to see an ENT. Found out Joshua had a sinus cavity that was underdeveloped, two collapsed sinuses, a deviated septum, and polyps. This took three surgeries to correct. You are an amazing, caring woman who saved Joshua from a lifetime of suffering."

    - Suzanne

  • "I have had Damon Braces for about two months. I see a lot of changes in my smile and I am more confident in myself. I smile all the time now and I show my teeth when I smile. I am now taking more pictures with my family and friends, and am so proud of the way my teeth are turning out. I am excited because my smile and my confidence will keep getting better! While I went through orthodontic treatment, Dr Falsafi and her staff were great! I actually enjoyed going to the dentist, especially to have the color bands changed. I received many compliments on how great my smile is, including from my current dentist! I highly recommend Dr. Falsafi for orthodontic treatment. She created a beautiful smile for me."

    - Tera M

  • "Dr. Falsafi and the whole staff are just great. As an adult patient, they made me feel so confortable at every visit. I am more than pleased with the way my teeth look. Great job Dr. Falsafi! I love my smile now! In fact, I can't stop smiling! :-) Thank you!"

    - Donna H.


3D Orthodontics

Our 3D Dental Imaging System leads the way in three-dimensional orthodontic imaging. Its highly detailed images give Dr. Falsafi the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis and create the most efficient treatment plan possible.