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Retention is a crucial stage in treatment. Due to muscle pressure, your teeth will naturally want to shift to the original position. It is crucial that a retainer is worn after your braces are removed.

Types of Retainers

We offer 3 types of retainers, which are all custom made for you. Dr Falsafi will decide which retainer will be best for this stage of treatment.

Removable Retainer


A Hawley retainer is one of our most popular retainers. This retainer is a thin acrylic with a metal bar that sits across the front of your teeth. The hawley is our most durable retainer that lasts a lifetime, that is why you are able to personalize it will colors and designs.  This retainer can also correct minor movement during retention.


Essix retainers are made of a transparent plastic which makes them less noticable. The essix precisely fits over the whole arch of teeth. It maintains the intended position following orthodontic treatment.  These retainers are less durable and may need to be replaced over the years.

Fixed Retainer

Lingual Bar:

This is our fixed retainer that is not removable by the wear. It is a thin metal wire that is bonded on the back of your teeth. It provides full time retention and is completely invisible.


After your braces are removed, all retainers should be worn 24/7 for 6 months. After that, you can wear them nights only. Retention is a lifetime. Over the years, if you are able to place your retainer in your mouth a couple nights a week you can maintain your perfect smile.

Care for Removable Retainer

When brushing your teeth, you will gently brush your retainer with cold water. Make sure you never use hot or boiling water. Remove retainers before showering. Any hot steam will melt and deform your retainer. Always keep it in a safe place when not in your mouth. Never place in a napkin or pocket without it being in a case. If you have any animals, keep the retainer away. All retainers need to be present at every appointment.

Care for Fixed Retainer

While brushing your teeth, you will brush all around your lower retainer. Flossing is important on the daily. When flossing, use a floss threader to help thread in between each tooth. Prevent from pulling up and down on the wire. Gently slide straight out. At any point if you feel that it is broken, call the office as soon as possible, it is a domino effect. Once one is unattached, the next one will break.

What to do if you have a lost or broken retainer

At your debond appointment, we will give you your retainer models. Please keep these in a safe place. If your retainers are lost or broken, call the office immediately. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of your teeth shifting. At this visit, please bring the retainer (if broken) and the models. Dr. Falsafi will evaluate your needs and additional costs and schedule you accordingly.


3D Orthodontics

Our 3D Dental Imaging System leads the way in three-dimensional orthodontic imaging. Its highly detailed images give Dr. Falsafi the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis and create the most efficient treatment plan possible.