Herbst Appliance

Herbst is an orthopedic appliance that helps with growth of the lower jaw bone in patients with receded lower jaw bone.

As with all kinds of appliances, patients with Herbst appliances need to be careful about what they eat. For instance, cold foods such as ice cream will shrink and expand the cement and loosen the Herbst appliance. As always, sticky foods such as caramels, bubble gum, and candy suckers will loosen the appliance. With different sports, patients have to be careful not to get hit in the face.

Your Herbst appliance will be checked and adjusted at your appointments. If you develop some sore areas on the inside of your cheeks between appointments, please do not try to adjust the appliance yourself. Call for an appointment so that the necessary adjustments can be made.

Wearing a Herbst Appliance

Wearing a Herbst appliance is very comfortable. It will position your lower jaw bone slightly forward. It will take 5-7 days to get used to this appliance. Please be patient with this appliance, your smile will be worth it at the end! If at any point something does not feel right, please give us a call for an appointment.


3D Orthodontics

Our 3D Dental Imaging System leads the way in three-dimensional orthodontic imaging. Its highly detailed images give Dr. Falsafi the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis and create the most efficient treatment plan possible.